Sylvie Bonne


advice and training

In an initial consultation, we clarify together what you need: simple or easy?
Written, verbal? Printed or digital? …
We discuss the best process. 
A training on easy language is  possible.

simple writing

You may have texts that are too long and complicated. Then I can use these texts and simplify them.
I am also happy to write new, simple texts on the topic.


Perhaps you have simplified yourself ?
Then I can read it over and check it for comprehensibility.
Target groups are also welcome to check whether the version is easy to understand. This is particularly important with plain language.


Once a simple or easy version has been checked, I can also translate your text into other languages.
For example, into French.

design and layout

Would you like to have an easy-to-read printed product?
Then I can help you with suggestions for the graphic design office.
Or I can offer you a simple, ready-made layout directly.

simple language

Sometimes live presentations are difficult to understand.
In this case, I can prepare the target group for the presentation or provide live support (=comprehension assistance).
Simultaneous interpretation is also possible, for example from the French presentation directly into simple luxembourgish or german.

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