Sylvie Bonne

About me

Who are you working with?

I am a luxembourgish citizen, born in 1965 –
grew up in this  country with its 3 administrative languages.
Thus I’ve been bathing in multilingualism from an early age 🙂

I have always been interested in clear communication: written, spoken and visual.

I am spezialised in pedagogics.
Simplifying difficult content quickly and flexibly,
adapted to the target group :
that has always been part of my professional activity.

I mostly keep to the European rules from Inclusion Europe and Uni Hildesheim (Germany),
as well to the international ISO 244 95-1 (:2023) developed for clear and simple plain language.

I have acquired the theoretical basis through training in Luxembourg, Germany and Austria (Lebenshilfe, Capito, Atempo, University of Hildesheim).
I gained practical experience through many years of working with children, young people and adults with special needs.
I also worked as a radio presenter and editor for a weekly magazine.

From 2011 to 2022, I built up Klaro, the Centre for Easy Language in Luxembourg.
Its focus lays primarily on counselling and training.
The great demand for easy-to-understand texts then led me to create such information myself.
Since the end of 2022, I have been working as a freelance “translator” and editor for simple and easy language.
This kind of translation is more or less a work of “revising, changing, transforming”.
Because the source text has to be adapted to the needs of the user, verbal or written.

First languages : Luxembourgish, German, French
Second language: English.

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