Sylvie Bonne

simply 2024

Foto, das Meer und ein leerer Strand. Vorne ein Holzpfosten mit farbigen Schildern, die in alle Richtungen zeigen. Darauf stehen Orte wie Nazaré, Hawai, und wie weit es bis dahin ist.

A Happy Year 2024 to all of you.

And here we go again after a winterly break.

I look forward to our common projects.

The turn of the year also encourages us to look back:
What was 2023 like?

What would I like to achieve in 2024… ?

Every month I’ll go to take a closer look at 1 specific topic
and write about it in my blog .

What else is planned?

  • Learning blogs, for writing in plain language.
  • Looking closer at information from everyday life that is difficult to understand.

Yes, and not to forget: my own further training.
There should be time to refresh and expand my own skills.

There should also be enough space for new and unexpected things…
That’s why I’m starting 2024 with a “half-full cup” as far as my planned projects are concerned.
But the cup of coffee may come full 🙂